Siam Spa Thai Massage Theripy


What to know before your appointment

What Should I Wear?

You are usually asked to bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing. A typical massage is 60 minutes, your personal comfort is paramount.

Will I need to get naked?

You will be asked to undress as appropriate for the massage requested, please bear in mind you are not required to be naked at any point.

Its my first time visiting, what do I need to know?

If it is your first time at our salon please arrive a little early, maybe 10 minutes, in order to complete the necessary forms and to change your clothing if needed.

Should I tell my therapist about my medical conditions?

Please be sure that the therapist has your full medical history as it pertains to you having a particular form of massage. As certain conditions are not suitable for Thai massage.

Does it hurt?

If at any time you feel pain and discomfort please let the therapist know, it helps them to alleviate your problem areas, and its kinder on you.

Is it suitable for me?

Thai massage may not be suitable for people suffering from disc herniation, osteoporosis, recent surgery or cardiovascular disease to mention a few.

If you have any concerns regarding Thai massage, please ask your medical practitioner first.

I am pregnant can I visit the salon?

Pregnant women should always seek medical advice before having Thai massage.

Massage will not be performed over open wounds, bruising, skin rashes, tumours, abdominal hernias or recent fractures, please always check first with the therapist.